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06/16/2017 - USAG Regional Congress

The Gymnastics Industry is forever changing and constantly growing. To ensure that we're keeping up with the latest teaching techniques and rules, we're sure to attend USA Gymnastics Regional Congress. Congress is a weekend full of classes, lectures, testing, and demonstrations that keep the gymnastics community up to date with proper techniques and new ideas across the country.

Be sure to head over to our instagram page and see some of tho photos and videos from congress!

08/01/2017 - Introducing Movie Nights!

We're so excited to announce that we will now be hosting monthly movie nights! 

Movie nights will be $5 and at each movie we will be selling snacks and water, the proceeds from these purchases will go to supporting our Xcel Team in their first competition season.

Movie night schedule:

8/12- Advanced Classes & Team kids only- 7pm - Stick It!

8/19- 7:30pm- Stick It! 

9/22- 7:30pm- Bring it On

10/20- 7:30pm- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

11/17- 7:30pm- The Parent Trap

12/22- 7:30pm- The Nightmare Before Christmas 

You're welcome to drop your child off or stay and enjoy the movie with us! For those doing drop off, please pick up by 9:45pm. 

 *While there is no age limit for movie nights, please use your judgement. Some movies may not be appropriate for everyone.