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Gym Rules & Guidelines

Guidelines for parents

The following information is intended to make your child’s gymnastics experience with us as rewarding as possible

1. Please bring your child to class on time. Also, remember to be on time when picking your child up after class. If you are going to be late, please, notify the desk so that your child doesn’t worry
2. Have children remain in the waiting room until their class is called into the gymnastics area
3. No children or adults are permitted on any of the gymnastics equipment at any time without an instructor present
4. Proper attire is required to maintain safety - Jeans, belts, dresses, hoodies, loose-fitting, and street clothes are not permitted
5. Hair is to be tied back at all times
6. Jewelry is not permitted in the gym - Necklaces, rings, hoop earrings, bracelets and watches are potential sources of injury
7. No food or drink of any kind in the gym area, including gum and candy
8. Do not bring valuables into the gym - We are not responsible for lost or missing items (items found left in the gym or waiting area will be placed in the lost and found for 60 days and then disposed of accordingly)
9. Improper behavior or language will not be tolerated
10. Please notify the staff if something is bothering your child – Gymnastics should be fun! We need to know if your child finds something to be scary, uncomfortable, or unpleasant
11. Only children attending class are permitted in the gym area
12. Payment is due the first class of every month – Keep in mind, attendance of the child will NOT alter monthly tuition
13. Make-up class will be held on the last Saturday of every month. Only one (1) make-up is allowed per month. Make-ups are not cumulative. No make-ups will be given for scheduled holidays.

Parent Observation Policy

Parents are requested to observe from the waiting area only. It has been our experience that your child and our staff will have a closer relationship if you are not visibly present in the gymnasium. We need your child’s undivided attention to help them progress with the speed and confidence we hope to see. Please remain in the waiting area and refrain from distracting your child’s attention by waving, tapping on the window, or standing by the gym door. We appreciate your cooperation.